In the lifetime of every person, there is a stage of childbearing which is the most exciting stage that one passes through. It is that stage of reproduction, and the feelings that come after giving birth or just the experience of being pregnant is just out of this world.

It adds joy, beauty to the entire family and at the end of it all keeps the generation alive.

In the current world, giving birth may be a costly adventure and the main reason for having birth control methods to manage and provide the children that have been born good education, and also be able to meet the basic needs comfortably.

Birth control enhances giving children at the required time and the acceptable number. Seniors might not need birth control but if they do a Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plan G has just one deductible.

The two methods of birth control are classified as below

  1. The traditional methods.
  2. Modern method.

Traditional Methods

  1. Use of the calendar by calculating the number of days from the day of Ovulation.
  2. Withdrawal method.

The two methods though practiced, are considered high risk, and they have high levels of failure.

Modern Methods.

  1. Use of Injection
  2. Pills or Oral contraceptives.
  3. Use of Vagina Coils.
  4. Intrauterine devices.

Besides the two mentioned methods there are permanent ways that can be used to prevent giving birth usually if one feels comfortable with the children that he has and may no longer anymore. These include the channels ligation generally operated in men and tubal ligation that is meant for women.

Before one engages with any of the methods outlined above, it’s essential to seek the counsel of the gynecologist who is better placed to understand the best method for each person.

Advantages of the use of contraceptives.

  1. The risk of unwanted pregnancy is low.
  2. Periods regularize.
  3. Most women who experience menstrual cramps forget about the pain.
  4. The skin also becomes clear, and chances of acne are drastically reduced.


How long should pregnancy protection take?

Before a woman gets to menopause, she is still fertile to give birth and as such the protection should always be enhanced if one is not ready to get pregnant.


When the methods are critically followed in the current generation, then the parents will have the chance to bring up their children in a more relaxed way and chances of lacking some of the necessities such as education, medical care, and a balanced diet are minimal.

Therefore, the most important thing is to keep on training the young generation to also avoid unwanted pregnancy in future.