How to start exercising as a senior

Exercising is important at any age, but when we are older, exercising can help us to deal with any condition we may have. When we are older it may seem like doing physical activities is harder and that we should stay at home, but it could actually help us a lot and we could prevent accidents, as our balance will improve and our muscles will become stronger. Today we will explain you how to start exercising as a senior.

I want to start exercising but I don’t know where to start

In case you want to start moving but you have no idea how to start, we will give you some advice to do it. If you never had the habit of doing physical activity, you may think that now you are too old or that you won’t be capable of doing it. It could be difficult at first, but once you create the habit and find what you like, you will love doing physical activity and will ask yourself why you didn’t do it before.  Before discovering how to start exercising as a senior, it is important to know the amount of exercise you should be doing. To keep yourself healthy as a senior, it is recommended that you do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week or at least 75 minutes of vigorous–intensity physical activity. You can also do an equivalent combination of both intensities of physical activity. Although this is the recommended amount of time weekly, you don’t have to start doing that much from day one. The best way to start exercising is by doing it gradually. You can start with twenty minutes a couple days of the week and with time you increase the number of minutes and days. You can also start with simple activities, like walking at your own pace during 30 minutes in a park or around your neighborhood.

I don’t like doing physical activity, it is so boring!

If you think that exercising is boring, try ways to make fun! Doing repetitions at home may not be your idea of fun, so you can find other activities or sports that make exercising more interesting. Maybe you would enjoy dance classes or yoga, or some sports like swimming or cycling, if you are a competitive person.  Another thing that could make exercising more enjoyable is doing it with other people. This can be a good excuse to meet new people or you can convince your partner, a family member or a friend to start doing it with you.

But… is it safe?

     Maybe you really want to start exercising but you think it may be risky or that an accident can occur, but it is quite the contrary.  Doing regular physical activity can improve your balance, help you fight the loss of bone and muscle mass and give you strength. All of these could help you prevent falls when you are not exercising. Exercising can also help you to manage pain and aches.

     What happens if I have a disability?

     Having a disability does not have to be a limitation. Yes, you will have to be more careful, but there are options for you. There are group classes with professionals that guide you and help you train. There are also activities that you can do like yoga or water aerobics, and if you are in wheelchair, there is chair yoga and wheelchair sports, like basketball.

Talk to your doctor before you start

     If you want more personalized advice about how to start exercising as a senior, you should talk to your doctor. Ask him if there are activities that you should avoid or if there are exercises that are better for you than others. This is also important if you have a condition.  Click here to learn more about supplement insurance